Mission & Vision

What we do (mission)

Goedegebuure Natural Decorations wants to make its wide range of special, natural and decoration products -fresh as well as dry- available to everyone.

Our starting point (vision)

Building relationships with customers and suppliers, and create a long-term positive effect to this relationship.

When put mission and vision into practice, the following core values and themes prevail.

Core values

- Customer-oriented
We strive for a long-term and close relationship with our customers and suppliers, so that we can think with them about their needs. By means of our personal approach, we are able to deliver both large and small customers as required.

- Expertise
By means of our knowledge of the market and emerging trends, we can provide expert advice to our suppliers and customers.

- Reliable
We want to be a reliable partner for both our customers and our suppliers. We take into account the many different links, which benefits the supply, quality and price of the products.


- Co-operation and product development
Goedegebuure Natural Decorations feels very involved with the products it sells. We work closely with different suppliers and growers for further development of products, and adapt them to the demand of the market.

- Flexibility
Flexibility is very important to us. With this we try to help the customer as much as possible and respond to the needs of the moment. We have our products in stock and use the auction logistics network, so we can guarantee a fast delivery.

- Customization
We are glad to offer you our services, if you are looking for a special product which we do not have in stock. We will then help you to obtain the desired product.

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